GOK Marine Quality

What makes a GOK Marine pressure regulator so safe? German manufacturing has always been associated with high standards. You only need to look at the car industry to know that, with car giants Audi and Mercedes Benz churning out their latest top cars. But what about the quality of German manufactured GOK marine regulators? What makes them so safe? [caption id="attachment_121" align="alignnone" width="150"] 90° Regulator[/caption] A regulator on a marine vessel undergoes a lot of stress and is exposed to a lot of harsh conditions: Salty air and water, a variety of extreme temperatures and strong movements due to heavy swells. Therefore a marine regulator needs to have specialist requirements so it can withstand these challenges and most importantly not fail. They must be made from rust proof materials Have undergone a variety of tests Be certified according to the applicable standards Researching GOK marine equipment Each regulator is fitted with either a pressure relief valve (PRV) or two stage safety equipment (S2SR). Both PRV and S2SR provide protection against dangerous over-pressure between the regulator and consumer equipment, such as a gas cooker or a heater. The marine regulators are all coated in a special finish which protects them against the harsh environments and works against corrosion. GOK test their regulators with a salt spray to check for corrosion. HOW THE TEST WORKS: This test consists of a salty solution being sprayed directly onto the pressure regulator over a period of at least 16 hours. The test is only considered to have been successfully passed if the maximum permitted degree of corrosion has not been exceeded. Made in Germany GOK produce most parts themselves, guaranteeing material purity and maximum precision for their regulators. It is through these measures that are undertaken by GOK that they can produce such high quality marine regulators which are used across the continent and now with marine engineers and boat manufacturers throughout the UK. Marine Regulators available in the UK GOK showcase a variety of pressures regulators suitable for vessels and are available in numerous configurations. Capacity stages of 30 or 50 millibars Angled, U-shape or straight outlets Connections for different gas cylinders For further information visit www.intergasmarine.co.uk To receive a FREE copy of your GOK Marine Catalogue, please email info@intergasuk.co.uk